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70s night fundraiser for projects in Africa

Nigel, Kieran and Gerry of the Last Friday Collective will be singing a few numbers tonight (Fri 8 May 2009) in the Castletroy Park Hotel as part of a fundraiser for aid projects in Africa.

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Recordings from our UL gig, 12 Mar 2009

These are our own recordings from the auditorium on the day. Nine original songs performed at a lunchtime gig for the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance in the Performing Arts Centre of the University of Limerick.

Title / link Play audio inline Duration
Observations 3:30
Roadblock 3:18
Fall Off The Planet 3:48
Everybody Has Their Part To Play 3:55
Soho 5:20
Chaos and calm 4:32
Adios 5:20
Zero 4:28
Something Special 6:00

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Pictures from the UL gig, 12 Mar 2009

Thanks to Marese, Siobhan and Jean for taking these pictures.

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Come and see us perform at UL

So, the rehearsing is nearly done and our 45mins on stage at the Performing Arts Centre in the basement of the UCH in UL happens tomorrow at 1.15pm.

We will be performing a set of 8 or 9 original songs – come and see us!

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Time Lapse Chaos

The time lapse movie turned out to be a nice momento of the rehearsal at my house. Initially I chose Chaos and Calm because it was the right sort of length, but it’s hard to think of a better soundtrack for the film.

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Recordings from 22 Feb 2009

The Last Sunday?

Observations [audio:42observations.mp3] 3:37
Roadblock [audio:43roadblock.mp3] 3:58
Fall Off The Planet [audio:44fall.mp3] 3:19
Everybody [audio:45everybody.mp3] 4:11
Soho [audio:46soho.mp3] 5:32
Chaos [audio:47chaos.mp3] 4:27
Adios [audio:48adios.mp3] 3:12
Zero [audio:49zero.mp3] 4:18
Something Special [audio:50something.mp3] 5:09

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Recordings from 8 Feb 2009

Kitchen session and Kieran and Jean’s.

Observations [audio:32observations.mp3] 3:56
Roadblock [audio:33roadblock.mp3] 4:20
Fall Off The Planet [audio:34fallofftheplanet.mp3] 3:57
Everybody [audio:35everybody.mp3] 5:19
Soho [audio:36soho.mp3] 5:55
Chaos [audio:37chaos.mp3] 4:38
Adios [audio:38adios.mp3] 4:38
Zero [audio:39zero.mp3] 4:38
Something Special [audio:40special.mp3] 5:05
Something Instrumental with jam [audio:41special.mp3] 4:37

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Recordings from 1 Feb 2009

Here is what was captured from the Brigit’s Day session.

Observations [audio:20observations.mp3] 3:14
Roadblock [audio:21roadblock.mp3] 3:17
Fall Off The Planet #1 [audio:22fallofftheplanet.mp3] 3:58
Everybody [audio:23everybody.mp3] 5:04
Soho [audio:24soho.mp3] 4:57
Chaos #1 (’til broken string) [audio:25chaos.mp3] 1:40
Chaos #2 (with another guitar) [audio:26chaos.mp3] 4:10
Adios [audio:27adios.mp3] 4:19
Zero #1 [audio:28zero.mp3] 4:31
Fall Off The Planet #2 [audio:29fallofftheplanet.mp3] 3:57
Zero #2 [audio:30zero.mp3] 4:32
Chaos #3 [audio:31chaos.mp3] 4:36

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Recordings from 11 Jan 2009

Here are the best pickings from the “Christmas Cake sessions”…without the marzipan.

Observations #1 [audio:12observations.mp3] 2:59
Observations #2 [audio:13observations.mp3] 2:47
Chaos #1 [audio:14chaos.mp3] 4:48
Chaos #2 [audio:15chaos.mp3] 3:54
Adios [audio:16adios.mp3] 3:15
Everybody (2nd half) [audio:17everybody.mp3] 2:07
Observations #3 [audio:18observations.mp3] 3:19
Roadblock [audio:19roadblock.mp3] 3:42

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Recordings from 18 Jan 2009

It looks like we missed out on recording “Observations” and “Everybody…”.

Here are rough cuts of the ones we did capture:

Chaos and calm [audio:01chaos.mp3] 4:30
Zero #1 [audio:02zero.mp3] 4:30
Zero #2 [audio:03zero.mp3] 4:23
Callisto [audio:04callisto.mp3] 3:25
Adios #1 [audio:05adios.mp3] 2:41
Adios #2 [audio:06adios.mp3] 4:28
Roadblock #1 [audio:07roadblock.mp3] 3:23
Roadblock #2 [audio:08roadblock.mp3] 3:22
Soho #1 [audio:09soho.mp3] 4:46
Soho #2 [audio:10soho.mp3] 5:28
Soho #3 [audio:11soho.mp3] 5:10

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