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4 chords all the way through: Em / Gadd9 / Cmaj7 / Am7 /

Is there a roadblock in my brain?
Secret harbour of some pain?
See the little soldier(s) standing in the way,
Red light circling just like the bad old days
Asking all the questions ’bout the things they need to know
Like: “where have you been?”, “where d’ya wanna go?”
Is there a roadblock in my brain?

Remember to forgive
Talk that step back and relive
Enjoy the happy memories
Feel the obscenities
Sob, weep, laugh salty tears to fill an ocean
Savour all the flavours of the feelings that you feel
Then strip and bathe in the pool of your emotion
Remember to forgive.

© 2008 Gerry Mulvenna

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